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Institutional Information: Rektörlük, Gazi Üniversitesi, -
Research Areas: Behavioural Sciences, Education, Education in Foreign Languages, Education in English, Philology, Linguistics

Names in Publications: Efeoglu Esranur



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Dr. Efeoğlu-Özcan holds a PhD in English Language Teaching (Language Studies) from Middle East Technical University (METU). She also earned an MA in English Language Teaching, a BA in Foreign Language Education and a Minor Degree in Psychology from METU. For her doctoral dissertation, she compiled the first Turkish youth talk corpus (CoTY) and examined the interactional dynamics of youth talk utilizing a corpus-assisted approach. Her works primarily involve sociopragmatic investigation of online and offline interaction, her research interests are discourse studies, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphors, and open science practices in language research.

She is the co-founder and convenor of the Discourse and Corpus Research Group (DISCORE) at METU. 


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