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Institutional Information: Tıp Fakültesi, Dahili Tıp Bilimleri, Göğüs Hastalıkları
Research Areas: Health Sciences

Names in Publications: Koektuerk Nurdan, Çetin Nurdan, Köktürk Nurdan




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Dr. Kokturk graduated from Gazi University School of Medicine in 1993 and completed her residency in Pulmonary Medicine at the same university in 1999. She pursued her post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Florida's Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Laboratory in Gainesville, Florida, USA from 2000 to 2001. Upon returning, she joined Gazi University as an Instructor in Pulmonary Medicine in 2001. She was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2006 and to Associate Professor in 2007. That same year, she undertook molecular work at the Interstitial Laboratory in Pulmonology at Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv University, Israel. In 2011, she became a full professor of pulmonary medicine. In 2013, she conducted research at the COPD Research Center's stem cell laboratory at Asan Medical Center in Ulsan University, Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Kokturk has a specific focus on COPD research. She has authored more than 200 publications and has been the recipient of numerous research awards. Engaged with the Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS) since 2003, she led the COPD Working Group for several years. She presided over the 21st Congress of the TTS and has collaborated extensively with the WHO and the Ministry of Health on the GARD Turkey Project, chairing the C4 working group for multiple years. Currently, she serves as the vice National Coordinator of the GARD Project and has been a member of the GOLD Assembly since 2018. Dr. Kokturk chaired the Foreign Relations of the Turkish Thoracic Society Executive Committee from 2019 to 2021. She was elected as the president-elect for the executive committee of the TTS for the 2021-2023 term. From October 2021 to 2023, she led the Pulmonology Department at Gazi University School of Medicine. As of June 2023, she holds the position of general director at the Turkish Thoracic Society and since November 2023, she has been elected for the steering committee of WHO GARD.