Litography in Our Country From Past To Present Day and Atilla Atar s Dönüşüm Titled Lithography Works

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Cansu Kuzu Kılınç

Consultant: GÜLER AKALAN


Artists in the Turkish pictorial art create their own styles by trial and joining movements in order to meet the requirements of the social and cultural change in the course of time and the sense of art. Basque aids artists in our country meet at a middle point with artists in other countries by expanding their artistic expression with the variety it presents. The characteristic that differentiates basque which has a special place in pictorial art from common picture is its creation process and the complexity of the technical process afterwards. Thus, professionalism in the material used carries more importance than other painting techniques. The most appealing aspect of basque is that it is based on multiplication and that it can cost way less. As a consequence, basque has been divided into several sub-categories and its influence on artists has been diversified. It's been applied in various countries and cultures for different purposes since age-old times. But the use of basque as a branch of art has stemmed very recently. Hence, with the interest for innovation and different in contemporary art it is appreciated by the whole world. This technique which has started to make its name heard recently in our country has been used only by some artists due to its being laborious. Yet some have almost completely quit painting and devoted themselves to basque. One of the most significant ones of these artists is Atilla Atar. He not only greatly helped basque progress in our country but also became a mentionable name with lithography which is a sub-category of basque. In this research, Atilla Atar's life, art, academic identity and his contribution to lithography are included. Atilla Atar's works which he put out influenced by the society and nature by combining his works with lithography as a result of his observations have been analysed. The aim of this thesis is the progress of lithography which is a sub-category of basque in our country and the analysis of Atilla Atar's lithography works titled "Dönüşüm."