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Prof. Dr. Gökhan DUMAN received his associate professorship in the field of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training and Early Childhood Education. He still continues his profession as a faculty member at GU, Gazi Education Faculty, Department of Elementary Education, Division of Early Childhood Education.

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Duman achieved the MEB Overseas Graduate Scholarship (1998) in the field of Early Childhood Education. For his MA education, he was accepted by the University of Colorado Denver. He worked in Head-Start and High-Scope preschool education programs. After graduation, he was invited to Arizona State University by Dr. Reynaldo GOMEZ. He worked as a Research Assistant at Arizona State University for 4 years. He carried out his doctorate study in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. In this time period, he specialized in qualitative research, reverse inclusion, thematic approach and game-based teaching. Returning to Turkey in 2007, he completed his doctoral thesis on intercultural comparative play behaviors of kindergarten children in Gazi University. Besides his academic studies, he produces children songs and educational materials for children.


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