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Institutional Information: Mimarlık Fakültesi, Mimarlık, Mimarlık
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Architecture, Architectural Aesthetics, Building Design, Architectural Design

Names in Publications: Dinc Pinar, PINAR DİNÇ




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Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture


Born in Ankara, she completed her primary education at Ankara Hürriyet Primary School and her secondary education at Anttepe High School. She graduated from Gazi University's Department of Architecture in 1990. She worked in the private sector for a short time. After completing her master's thesis on evaluation approaches in architecture under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Esen Onat in 1992, she won the Research Assistant exam opened by her own school and started to take part in architectural design courses with the academic staff of the institution. She completed her PhD in 1999 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Esen Onat on the subject of post-occupancy evaluation of buildings.

In 2003, she acted as a lecturer and subsequently a visiting lecturer at the Higher Institute of Architectural Sciences Henry van de Velde in Antwerp (Belgium), where she taught for one semester in an international design studio for Erasmus students and taught the elective course Criticism in Architecture.

She was appointed as Assistant Professor in 2005, Associate Professor in 2011, and Professor in 2017.

In her first TUBITAK project, she worked with Gazi (and Academy) architects in the context of architectural competitions, led a series of seminars, and embodied the culture of competitions, which has an important place in the university's history, in the collection book Competitors of Architecture. In her second TUBITAK project, she conducted a user satisfaction survey with 1000 people in seven airports in Turkey and diagnosed the strengths and weaknesses of facilities. She published her study on user satisfaction in enclosed offices  (a scientific research project of Gazi University) in the Journal of Environmental Psychology (2009) and received a TUBITAK publication award for this publication. As of April 2023, this publication had been cited 53 times.

She served as the representative of Gazi University Faculty of Architecture at the general assembly and conference meeting of EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education) in Delft (Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 2016. Within the scope of Erasmus Mobility Programs, she went to Sapienza (Rome) in 2017 and Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2018, gave seminars, and participated in design studios.

She continued the architectural design courses she first attended in Studio 2 (5 years) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Esen Onat, in Basic Design Education Studio (2 years), and in M201 (second year, first semester) Threshold Studio (14 years). In 2014, she was appointed as the coordinator of Studio 3. In a short time, she restructured the studio, transformed it into StudioThinkImagine, and embodied the philosophy of the studio and the experience of being a studio in her book Interaction to Integration: Anatomy of an Architectural Design Studio Practice (2016). She created the blog (, Facebook (studiothinkimagine), and Instagram (studiothinkimagine) representations of the same studio. In 2018, the studio exhibited its products at the Akdeniz University Faculty of Architecture. The studio students won 25 different awards in architectural project competitions as of 2023 and opened the Global Problems Design Approaches exhibition consisting of 67 award-winning and non-award-winning projects in March 2023 within the scope of Gazi University Rectorate's 100th Anniversary of the Republic Celebration Events.

In order to bring a new perspective to the field of architectural criticism and to direct non-critics to criticism and critical thinking, she published Criticizing Architecture: A Proposal for an Approach (2015).

She served as a jury/referee for the World Architecture Festival 2019 (Amsterdam) and was appointed as a jury/referee for the World Architecture Festival-China 2020 (online) and World Architecture Festival 2020 (Lisbon).

She served as Erasmus Coordinator of the Faculty of Architecture and Department of Architecture, Faculty Board Member, panelist and referee of many TUBITAK projects, External Evaluator of Erasmus Programs of the Ministry of European Union, and scientific commission member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Public Libraries Workshop.

As of 2022, she has 22 completed and published graduate theses, 22 international and 4 national articles, 27 presented and full-text published papers, 6 chapters in books, 3 books, 6 completed research projects (as a manager), 13 international symposium scientific board memberships, and 2 international scientific journal scientific advisory board memberships. All her publications in the fields of architectural criticism, programming of architectural facilities, user evaluation in buildings, evaluation in architecture, architecture and architect's education, design studio pedagogies, architectural theory, scientific research methods in architecture, and architectural competitions have been cited nearly 200 times.

She is currently teaching Architectural Design courses within the scope of StudioThinkImagine in the undergraduate program at Gazi University Department of Architecture and postgraduate courses in Turkish and English programs within the Gazi University Institute of Science and Technology Department of Architecture.

Outside the field of architecture, she continued classical guitar studies with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kanneci and Prof. Dr. Bekir Küçükay and gave trainings and concerts in various institutions. Her interests include sociology, philosophy, literature, and travel.