Community of Online Learning Research and Development (CoOL) was founded  in February 2021 by doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and academicians under the leadership of Professor Serçin KARATAŞ, PhD. & Professor Ebru KILIÇ ÇAKMAK, PhD . The main purpose of the Online Learning Community is to make needs analysis regarding learning-teaching processes at all educational levels from preschool to lifelong learning; identifying the problems related to online learning environments and developing solutions; instructional design for online learning environments; to develop materials, course content and various tools that can be used in online learning environments; to conduct research and development activities to evaluate processes and products for online learning environments.

Research topics:

  • Online Learning in Higher Education
  • Online Learning in A12s
  • Assessment in Online Learning
  • Online Learning and New Technologies
  • Instructional Design in Online Learning
  • Pedagogy and Philosophy of Online Learning
  • Management and Leadership in Online Learning
  • Individual and Cultural Differences in Online Learning