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Assessment Of Pre-Servıce Bıology Teacher’s Pedagogıcal Content Knowledge Regardıng Aır Pollutıon

Globets 2018 An International Conference on Education, Technology and Science, 6 - 09 May 2018

Ground Water Quality And State Of Pollutıon In Mürted Lowland, Ankara

XIII. Congress of Ecology and Environment With International Participation, 12 - 15 September 2017

Toz Fırtınasının Uzaktan Algılama Verileri ile Analizi

UZALMET 2015, II. Meteorolojik Uzaktan Algılama Sempozyumu, Turkey, 3 - 05 November 2015

The Frequency Dependent Admittance Measurements of Au ZnO n GaAs Schottky Barrier Diodes SBDs

1st İnternational Conference on Organic Electronic Material Technologies (OEMT’2015) / 25-28 March 2015, Elazig, Turkey, 25 - 28 March 2015

The Impact of Hands on Activities in 6th Grade Electricity in Our Lives Unit on Students Attitudes

XIV IOSTE International Symposium on Socio-Cultural and Human Values in Science and Technology Education, Bled, Slovenia, 13 - 18 June 2010

Effectiveness of conceptual change texts: a Meta analysis

1st World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Administration (WCLTA), Cairo, Egypt, 29 - 31 October 2010, vol.9 identifier identifier

Ultrasound pre-treatment of waste activated sludge

Conference on Leading-edge Strategies and Technologies for Sustainable Urban Water Management, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA, 16 - 20 September 2006, vol.6, pp.35-42 identifier identifier