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Born in Zonguldak/Devrek in 1971. He completed his primary and seondary education in Gökçebey and his high school education in Devrek. In 1988 he won Gazi University Faculty of Education Department of Music Education and graduated in 1992. The same year, he won Gazi University Institute of Science Department of Music Education master exam and completed his master education in 1995. In 1995, he won doctorate exam in the same institute and completed his PhD education in 2001.

After working as a music teacher at different secondary schools for a while, in 1996 he won the research assistant exam in Gazi University Faculty of Education Department of Music Education. In 1998 he promoted to lecturer in this institution. In 2006, he was appointed as an associate professor in the same year as an associate professor in the field of Music Teories and in 2011 as a professor.

Albuz, involved in research-studies, articles, academic papers and studies and compositions in  his music books and the different authors books in the field of music education; participates in concerts as a performer and his many works on chamber music are performed in concert programs.

In Gazi University Faculty of Education Department of Music Education, he lectured "Viola, Ear Education, Harmony - Counterpoint - Accompaniment, Piano Accompaniment and Piyano" lessons at different times. He has lectured "Viola and Piano" in undergraduate level, "Viola, Composition and Accompaniment Styles Based on Piano in the Axis of Educational Music, Program Development in Music Education and Polyphony Approaches in Turkish Music" in postgraduate level and has continued thesis advisor.


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